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Resume Projects


The following is a list of website development projects, past and present.

William and Sonia's Wedding
Website design, development, maintenance.

InstaBrite Mobile Washing
Original design and development using client logos and materials, as well as current site maintenance. Developed PHP feedback form for quote requests. Search engine/keyword optimization consulting. (redesign) / Original Design (screenshot)
Original design and development. Maintained from 1999-2005.

Perot Systems Government Services - Environmental Services Group
TPMC - Scituate Office (Screenshot)
Original design and development of division website. Updated design following aquisition by Perot Systems. Maintained from 1998-2005.

Mid-Atlantic Integrated Assessment
Original design and development for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); converted site to use EPA's official template in 2002. Converted print publications to HTML. Assisted research team in development of content for "issues" outreach section. Developed web version of the EPA's Draft Report on the Environment, as well as the Bioindicators website (currently maintained by client). Maintained from 1999-2005.

Cooperative Research Partners Initiative
Original design and development for NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Service. Maintained from 2003-2005.

Source Water Assessment Program
Original design and development for Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF). Integrated with Cold Fusion application. (Note: Cold Fusion application is not available at this time.)
Orignal design and development of website to assist families raising funds to help tsunami victims. (Site is no longer active but samples files will be available soon.)

Mill Wharf Restaurant
Original design and development. Currently maintained by client.

Geospatial Data Index
Original design and development of Intranet portal for geospatial data to be used by EPA's Office of Environmental Information (OEI).
View screenshot

Housing and Urban Development Portal
Developed front end for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's portal application.
View screenshot

Tucson Water Application (client's design)
Developed front end for interactive application based on client's existing design that allows residents to find the sources of their drinking water. Worked with GIS team to integrate with ArcIMS mapping application. Developed custom icons for ArcIMS application to blend with existing site design.
Original design and development using client logos; maintained site and edited weekly HTML Newsletter from 2005-2008. Maintained by client until 2013.

American Water Works Association - California-Nevada Section
Updated website, created PDF files, and updated menu scripts (client's design). Currently maintained by client.

Shoreline Change (GIF image)
Developed graphics and icons for USGS Digital Shoreline Analysis System application. (More samples coming soon!)

Caffeine Zone
Original design and development. Integrated customer's advertising and other applications into design (see "books" page). Currently maintained by client.
Original design and development.

Insight Marketing (scanned screenshot)
Developed design and template. Possible development for 2006.

Currently under development:

Wedding Website Design
Sample of a wedding website design

Midway Jewish Center
Original design and development. Will be integrated with content management application.

Kansas City Smokehouse Bar-B-Que Co. (scanned screenshot)
Developed design and template. Possible development for 2006.